Friday, November 7, 2014

Unavailability Irony

I wonder what you want to see me for?
Years ago, I wasn't enough, you wanted more.
Now you are all excited to see my face?
Already inviting me to see your new place.
Past keeps popping up, whats it trying to tell me?
I let it all go but it wont let go and let me be.
Can't help but wonder why they come back by?
Is the Good Good that good they don't ever want to say goodbye?
I'm not even going to fill my head up with that lie.
But still I wonder why even when they know I got a guy?
Why does the past come back and continue to try?
They are married, moved on, have families and new babies
But still torture themselves with my empty maybes.
If it wasn't for my unavailability would I be forsaken?
After all, years ago, when I was available to be taken
These were not the moves they were making.