Wednesday, July 22, 2009


With gentle eyes you gaze upon me
Your smile brings me peace
Into each others hearts we can see
Just when we thought our hearts would cease
This special friendship that we share
Has brought our hearts relief
Just when I thought mine couldnt care
I found your heart in grief
Tenderly I kiss to ease your pain
Giving you a gentle place to fall
A place where you can feel sane
A place you can be you and express all
I see your heart as you draw each line
The loss your suffering I know
Healing your heart is healing mine
Through your pen strokes tender and slow
I have lived the pain you are feeling
My heart shattered by my soul mate
Having a special friend helps the healing
Us meeting was not just fate
I had prayed for help to mend my heart
Accepting a life with no love only lust
Spiritually you were sent to me by Divine Art
Easily a soulful recognition of trust
My soul withering in a heart of ashes
Your soul seering in flames of heart break
My life was your future in flashes
I needed to give and you needed to take
Truly greatful we found each other friend
so glad we are real, no games, no tricks
being there for your heart has mine on the mend
Rebirthing, my faith in love rising as the Phoenix.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Feelin Freaky

yah...Im your lil white chic in the Hood
Im the one you call when your up to no good
long blonde hair, with big blue eyes,
5 foot 5, nice round ass, and thick thighs..
Jus when you thought it cant get no betta..
you slide up in this pussy and aint felt none wetta
you know you love how I do it to you
thats why you keep coming back for more of your boo.
When youre feeling freaky you call on Diamond Blu
When Im feeling freaky, If youre lucky, imma call you.

You can spank my ass and pull my hair
smash me down with my legs in the air
dontcha worry Daddy, Im grown, I wont break
getcha nut off Daddy, do whatever it takes
Make me scream out, its ok, the beats are on blast
get it in deep daddy, how long can you last
I know a few moves that will make your toes curl
Imma show out the Hood in this lil white girl.
When youre feeling freaky you call on Diamond Blu
When Im feeling freaky, if youre lucky, Imma call you.