Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rainbows after the Storm

I can feel the rain on my face
I can feel the wind whip my hair
The sun may seem out of place
As I step out into the afternoon air
I can see the sun in the sky
As the grey clouds pass on by
It's just a brief thunder shower
The fall weather changes hour by hour
Just like my life after a storm
A smile back on my face and back to the norm
And just like when I dry my eyes
The sun comes out and dries the skies
A promising smile is like a rainbow
The golden warmth of the sun my halo
Darkeness always becomes  light
The Day always follows night
Every storm comes to an end
The sun through tears has a rainbow to bend
And in every poem I have penned
Begins the healing for my heart to mend
No matter the saddness or the pain
And even though I feel the rain
I can see the sunlight in the sky
I dont let the rainbows in life pass me by.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

no end in sight

I got tears falling down my face
just another day, same downward pace
from beginning to no end
my troubles I cannot mend
the law of life just wont bend
no one has a helping hand to lend
this problem is all mine
I always say Im just fine
my shoulders cant carry this weight
I got to much on my plate
wandering lost in the dark
to many paths thru the park
not sure which path to take
some one help me for God Sake
Please bring me back into the light
hear my cries and relieve my plight
i see no end in sight end in sight


I seek anonymnity to set me free
Anonymously I can let myself be me
I am everyone and no one at the same time
Anonymously I will bring you my rhyme
Im going to say what I want to say
no barriers can stand in my way
I could be your best friend or next door neighbor
one thing Ill never be is a hater
I got nothing but love for everybody
even when I feel no love for me
So be prepared for provacative incarnations
and some out there revelations.


It used to sound like heaven to me
now its somewhere Im not sure I want to be
Its killing me
its killing me
its killing me

I miss your love in the afternoon
making love under the stars and moon
I miss you, we ended much too soon

you will never know
you will never know
Its killing me
Its killing me