Monday, October 8, 2012


America is no longer the land of the free
The Illuminati has enslaved us all, you and me
I think it’s about time we say enough is enough
As citizens we need to stand up for our rights and get tough
We need to rise up and join as one
We need to undo the injustices they have done
We need to open the eyes of all to see
We need to air out their lies and bring back liberty
When the government destroyed the WTC on 911
We were blinded by anger willing to blame anyone
After years of inspecting the disillusioned truth
It’s up to us to call them out and protect our youth
The President is a puppet, a pawn, a good show
He’s powerless against the ones who control the dough
There are more of us than there are of them
How much longer will we accept their governmental mayhem?
They send our children off to fight bogus wars
The only terrorists left are the ones behind our closed doors
Marshall Law will imprison us all in FEMA detention centers
Many will be buried in FEMA coffins for refusing to enter
If the future of your family is important to you
Get educated, get prepared, get armed and do all you can do
We the People need to take back our country and unite
We the People need to make our voices heard and fight for our rights.