Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I got this hottie
In his Maserati
He took off his shirt
We begin to flirt
Ooo the way he's looking at me
Ooo he’s making me crazy
Out being reckless living life
No worries, no drama, no strife

Then I opened my eyes
Rain fell from the skies
It was just another dream
No matter how real it did seem
Im just waiting for the day
My dream carries me away
To no worries, no drama, no strife
Just out being reckless living life

Illuminati wants us mind, body and soul
Turning us into slaves til we get old
They are not a fad, they are not a joke
They’re very real and don’t care our country is broke
They don’t care our youth is wasting away
They declare war on us every day
They only care about their own possessions
As they create world wide recessions

Media doesn’t tell us the truth
Pop culture is corrupting our youth
Government refuses to legalize marijuana
Rockstars OD on alcohol and coke in saunas
Activists are treated like Terrorists
Everything Government does good comes with a twist
Every day we lose more human rights
The impact is many sleepless nights

Reality is lies
Cloudy grey skies
Rain blowing in my face
Struggling to stay in place
Cant wait to fall asleep each night
In my dreams everything is always alright
Wild and free to be me completely
No Satanic Illuminati
No worries, no drama, no strife
In my dreams I'm FREE living life

So I close my eyes
Sunny blu skies
Love and happiness
Without any of that REALITY mess
Wind blowing through my hair
All the love I have I share
No worries, no drama, no strife
In my dreams Im FREE living life.