Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Student Nurse Tribute for my sister Rachael 8/16/11

Why do we stay up and study all hours of the night?
Why do we give sleep such a determined fight?
Why do we put aside our needs for the needs at hand?
We are Nurses in training and we are in high demand.
Student Nurses are Angels in training about to receive their wings.
Student Nurses are Angels in training about to do amazing things.
All the hard work we have endured to accomplish our goals
All of the sacrifices we have made will comfort many souls.
We may feel unappreciated, and pushed to our limits.
We may even at times be pushed to call it quits.
But just one smile or one “Thank you” will melt our giving hearts.
Just one is all it takes to renew our love of our healing arts.
All the bad feelings disappear to be replaced by the values we represent:
Human dignity, compassion, dedication, integrity, leadership and excellence..
We are comforters, and counselors. We are the frontline of medicine.
Not only are Nurses Angels, Nurses are very special friends.