Sunday, June 23, 2013

No One Else to Blame

Breathing through the pain
Bleeding through the rain
Heart breaking over and over again
I have no one else to blame
No one else to blame
All alone in the dark
Walking hand and hand in the park
I never expected anger to spark
I have no one else to blame
No one else to blame
Always make the same mistake
Fall too deep, too fast for loves sake
Thought I had raised the stakes
But he was just the same
I have no else to blame
How it started I have no clue
Something said caused him to unglue
Suddenly fists rose up and flew
I have no one else to blame
No one else to blame.

Fantasy and Day Dreams

He calls me "baby" and says I drive him crazy
I'm not his lady and our friendship line is getting hazy
He so damn sweet to me and wants to bring me to ecstasy
I get the flutters dreaming he stands so close next to me
Shall I compare thee to a hot summers night?
Under the covers of darkness, not even any star light
Hazy minds, humid bodies heated by burning flesh
Fantasizing the bewilderment of those bodies in lustful thresh
Shall I wait till he wakes me with a tempered kiss?
Allow his fingers to caress the curves of his fated bliss?
Radiating warmth of his breath on the neck of his princess
His fingers taking her with acute accurateness
I'm falling into his world of fantasy and  day dreams
Not always sure what this wild desire means
But when I close my eyes how real it all seems
The kind of passion you can find on the "big screens"

I Don't Just, I Just Don't

I'm whispered on the lips of many
But so few I have This connection with
Honesty is hard to come by , if any,
It is rumored to be just a myth
Even if a relationship never comes between us
I hold on to the reason we came to be at the start
You have a piece of my soul forever
If I ever gave you a piece of my heart
I don't just walk away my friend
I don't just disappear if we end
I don't just forget all you are to me
I just don't keep every and anybody
If I ever loved you in any kind of way
You have that love till my dying day
We all need a friend and confidant
Free from worry that our words still haunt
You can feel my love when I speak to you
You can feel the realness of what I say is true.