Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recession Depression 2010

I can feel the sadness creepin in
My world is about to flip and spin
My mind is always submiting within
No matter how hard I try to please I never win
My life is like a Merry -Go- Round
What goes up must come down
So my smile becomes a frown
Sobbing replaces the laughter sound
All I ever do is think about him
Wondering why his outlook on life is so grim
I feel his rage though I am not his victim
I have no recourse but to pray
Tired of tears every night and day
When will happiness come to stay
Im beginning to believe it never may
Empathetic to his anger about repression
Struggling to survive from fall out of recession
His words, how they do leave a lasting impression
Knowing this sadness before I am anticipating depression.